J B Leach (1841-1917)
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Church Connections in Huyton

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J B Leach liberal councillor
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A view of Truro cathedral

A view of the church

When Joseph Leach moved to Huyton in 1879, the Congregational church met in what is now Park Hall on Huyton Hey Road.  This had been built in 1856 as a Congregational Chapel, and had had a school built alongside it in 1861.  By all accounts, the stone used for Park Hall was taken from Huyton Quarry - a 'yellow' type of sandstone.

By 1890, due to a growing congregation, a new church was built in Victoria Road, just opposite the Leach house (Markland Lodge).  This time, the sandstone was taken from Woolton Quarry - a much 'redder' sandstone.

It is said that the new church was modelled on Truro Cathedral in Cornwall, and it seems likely that Joseph Leach was instrumental in its building.

One characteristic of the garden of the Leach house (Markland Lodge) is that it is full of rockeries in off-cuts of red sandstone, and it seems likely that Joseph Leach, as a leading light in the building of the church (?), was able to divert the off-cuts of sandstone from the building of the church to his own garden (?).

The foundation stone of the church was laid in 1883, and it was completed in 1890.  There is a window in the church (added later, after his death) to commemorate the Leach connection.

The Leach memorial window

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