J B Leach (1841-1917)
Sir J B Leach
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Sir Joseph Bithel Leach

J B Leach - family tree and history

J B Leach - church connections Huyton

Some newspaper articles
J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

J B Leach - house contents

J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
The house 'Min-y-don'
His children enjoying Wales
His son Wilfred

J B Leach - death and legacy

J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

When Mildred (the surviving granddaughter), then living at Beaumaris on Anglesey, died in 1960, the contents of the house Min-y-don was put up for auction. The auction took place at The Bulkeley Arms on Beaumaris, and was undertaken by the firm of J B & B Leach from St Helens (what had been the family business).

It seems likely that some of the contents of the contents at auction would have been in Markland Lodge, Huyton at one time.

Here are some images from the booklet for the auction.

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