J B Leach (1841-1917)
Sir J B Leach
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Sir Joseph Bithel Leach

J B Leach - family tree and history

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J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

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J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
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J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

The "Sir Joseph" memorial in Huyton Cemetary, containing th remains of Joseph, Jane, and children Lawrence, Florence and Emily

Details of the inscription on the "Sir Joseph" memorial.  Florence is mentioned on the opposite side face

The "Wilfred" memorial in Huyton Cemetary, containing th remains of Wilfred, Anna and daughter Mildred

Details of the inscription on the "Wilfred" memorial
A chronological history of Sir J B Leach's family is as follows:

In 1879, Joseph Leach moved from Cowley, St Helens to Huyton with his wife Jane (nee Haswell), and into Markland Lodge with 3 of his four children.  By this time, his eldest son Wilfred was married and living with his wife Anna.

Details of the two memorials in Huyton Cemetary are given further down - to the left of this page.

Joseph's granddaughter, Mildred, was born to Wilfred and Anna in 1888, but he was to lose his younger son, Lawrence, in 1902 when he died at the age of 21.  This left Joseph (aged 61) and Jane (aged 59) with 2 daughters living at home, Emily (aged 28) and Florence.

Around this time (1902), or soon after, his son Wilfred moved into a new house in Huyton.  This was "The Gables", a large house in extensive grounds on the site of what is now (in 2003) the ASDA Garage at the corner of Poplar Bank and Archway Road.

This 1927 map of Huyton shows the extent of the grounds of "The Gables".
"The Gables", looking up Poplar bank from Archway Road

These next pictures show views of "The Gables" looking along Archway Road - the left one being somewhat earlier (before the timber beams, and before other houses on Archway Road were built)

In 1913, Jane Leach died, leaving Joseph a widower at the age of 72.  He was still living in Markland Lodge, and his son Wilfred (aged 48) was close by in The Gables with his family (daughter Mildred now being aged 25).

Some time before his death in 1917, Joseph began renting (?) a house on Anglesey as a holiday retreat.  The address was 4 Townsend, Beaumaris, and the house was (or became) known as "Min-y-don" (see the link in the box opposite). The house was purchased some time after his death (1920) for the use of the family.

After Joseph's death in 1917, Markland Lodge continued to be lived in by the unmarried daughters Florence and Emily (aged 43), and Wilfred was still at The Gables. A current (2003) resident of Huyton, Molly Levitt, can remember the two sisters leading Sunday School in the rooms of Markland Lodge.

In 1924, Markland Lodge was sold by the two Leach sisters, and Florence and her sister Emily (now aged 50) moved to Chester.  They lived at Park House, 11 Grosvenor Park Road, Chester, a building which is now (2003) a dentist's surgery - with impressive wood panelling in the waiting room.  Wilfred and Anna were then the named 'occupiers' of Min-y-don in the Anglesey records, but they still had their main residence at The Gables in Poplar Bank.

In 1931, Wilfred's wife Anna died, and he was left a widower (aged 66) with a spinster daughter Mildred (aged 43).  Occupiers of Min-y-don after that are named in the Anglesey records as Wilfred and Mildred, though they probably lived mostly at The Gables, at least until the mid 1930s, when the house was vacated.  The Anglesey home (Min-y-don) went into Wilfred's ownership in 1935. The 1938 record shows The Gables as being occupied by George Windle Cooke. It seems likely at this point that Wilfred and his daughter Mildred lived permanently on Anglesey.

Wilfred died in 1939 (aged 74), and from then on his daughter Mildred seems to have been the clear owner/occupier of the Beaumaris house, Min-y-don.

All the time since 1924, Florence and Emily had been living in Chester - at least until Florence's death in 1943.  Quite what happened to Emily after that is unclear.  There are hints that she may have moved to Llandudno.

Mildred, the granddaughter, died at Beaumaris in 1960 - aged 72.  For some part of her time there, of course, she may have had a 'main' residence elsewhere.  In the year that she died, the contents of Min-y-don were put up for auction at the Bulkeley Arms, Beaumaris (see 'J B Leach house contents' in the box at the top left of this page). The auction was overseen by her grandfather's firm: J B & B Leach of St Helens.

 Emily, sister to Florence and aunt to Mildred, died in 1961 at the age of 87, outliving her niece (Mildred) by one year.

A letter from Philip Johnson, of the firm of J B & B Leach, in 1980 indicates that "there are now no Leaches left" in this line of the family.

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