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Sir Joseph Bithel Leach

J B Leach - family tree and history

J B Leach - church connections Huyton

Some newspaper articles
J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

J B Leach - house contents

J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
The house 'Min-y-don'
His children enjoying Wales
His son Wilfred

J B Leach - death and legacy

J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

Some time before his death in 1917, Joseph began renting (?) a house on Anglesey as a holiday retreat.  The address was 4 Townsend, Beaumaris, and the house was (or became) known as "Min-y-don" (see the link in the box opposite). The house was purchased some time after his death (1920) for the use of the family, and passed into Wilfred's hands in 1935.

Wilfred's daughter Mildred, the surviving granddaughter of J B Leach, continued to live at 'Min-y-don', Beaumaris after the death of her father Wilfred in 1939 until her own death in 1960.  It would seem from various photographs that she had a number of 'nurses', and also a 'companion' in later life. The companion was Edith Thompson (see below).

For some of her time at Min-y-don, she also had a chauffeur/handyman who lived in Rosemary Lane at the rear of Min-y-don, on to which the garage of the house had access. In Beaumaris he was generally referred to as "Dickie Leach" from his association with the family, and he died some time around the late 1970s.
The house at 4 Townsend has had at least two names during its history: 'Min-y-don' and 'Bodlondeb', but currently (2003), and while the Leaches were there, it has been called 'Min-y-don'.

These photographs are of Mildred - probably some time after the death of her father Wilfred (1940s, 1950s).

Miss Mildred Leach with companion/nurse?

I am indebted to Sally Thompson of Awelon, Sling, Beaumaris who, in 2002, furnished me with a great deal of information, photographs etc in relation to the Welsh connection of the Leach family.

Sally Thompson's aunt was Edith Thompson, who had been companion to Mildred Leach in her later years at Beaumaris, and had handed down paperwork to her niece Sally.

Edith Thompson outside Min-y-don
Mildred in Llandudno (?) with a nurse

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