J B Leach (1841-1917)
Sir J B Leach
Min-y-don, Beaumaris, Anglesey

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Sir Joseph Bithel Leach

J B Leach - family tree and history

J B Leach - church connections Huyton

Some newspaper articles
J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

J B Leach - house contents

J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
The house 'Min-y-don'
His children enjoying Wales
His son Wilfred

J B Leach - death and legacy

J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

Around 1910 or so, Joseph Leach began renting (?) a holiday 'retreat' for him and his family on the island of Anglesey. The house was 'Min-y-don' in the town of Beaumaris.  When there, the family worshipped at the local Presbyterian Church opposite the Post Office.  Later after the death of Joseph (1917), the family bought the house (1920), and it eventually passed to the son Wilfred.

The house at 4 Townsend has had at least two names during its history: 'Min-y-don' and 'Bodlondeb', but currently (2003), and while the Leaches were there, it has been called 'Min-y-don'.

An early photograph of 'Min-y-don', their house on the front at Beaumaris

A more recent photograph of Min-y-don

The house is situated at 4 Townsend, on the front at Angelsey.

Panoramic view from the front of Min-y-don, across the Menai Strait to mainland Wales (on a grey day in 2002)

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