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J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

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J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
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His son Wilfred

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J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

Wilfred Haswell Leach (1865-1939) had married Anna (1863-1931) and they moved with their daughter Mildred (1888-1960) into a new house in Huyton some time around 1905.

The house was called "The Gables", and was set in extensive grounds on the site of what is now (2003) the ASDA Garage at the corner of Poplar Bank and Archway Road.

This 1927 map of Huyton shows the extent of the grounds of "The Gables".
"The Gables", looking up Poplar bank from Archway Road

These next pictures show views of "The Gables" looking along Archway Road towards Prescot - one much earlier than the other (before the timber beams, and before other houses on Archway Road were completed)

Wilfred took over his father's business when he died in 1917. Around (or by) this time also, his uncle Benjamin died, so he was left in some sort of a dilemma. With the outbreak of war, there were staff shortages, so Wilfred chose to sell off the accountancy side of the business which had been built up by his uncle Benjamin - a decision he later regretted. He also closed the Runcorn office and sold (?) the Liverpool office to the then manager Mr Leftwich.

Wilfred obviously had money - whether from the previous suscess of the firm or the selling off of parts of it, because "The Gables" where he lived would have been a very expensive property. A current (2003) resident of Huyton and a member of the Congregational Church, Molly Levitt, can remember being taken to 'The Gables' to see a new bath that had been 'put in'. The perception she had was that the family were 'very well off'.

Wilfred retired in 1938 (sold the business to Philip Johnson?), and the following pictures show him in (or near) his retirement in Wales. At this time, he was probably living in the house 'Min-y-don at Beaumaris (see link opposite).

Wilfred Leach and his daughter (?) Mildred, on the pier at Llandudno, probably between 1931-1939 (after his wife's death)

Wilfred Lech on the pier at Llandudno

Wilfred and his daughter Mildred (?), probably somewhere in Wales

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