J B Leach (1841-1917)
Sir J B Leach
His Children Enjoying Wales

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Sir Joseph Bithel Leach

J B Leach - family tree and history

J B Leach - church connections Huyton

Some newspaper articles
J B Leach liberal councillor
J B Leach local philanthropist
J B Leach auctioneer
J B Leach moneylender

J B Leach - house contents

J B Leach's holiday home, Anglesey
The house 'Min-y-don'
His children enjoying Wales
His son Wilfred

J B Leach - death and legacy

J B Leach - surviving granddaughter

Here are some personal photographs of his children on outings in and around Wales with family and friends - after the death of J B Leach.  This would probably be after 1920 (when the family bought the house Min-y-don) or after 1935 (when it passed into Wilfred's hands).

The nurse(?), Mildred and Wilfred

Mrs Anna Leach, Wilfred and daughter Mildred

Outside Min-y-don

Mrs Anna Leach, Wilfred Leach and his sister Emily (?)

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