Markland Lodge

(Mr George Lloyd)

  Mr George Lloyd was the first ownner-occupier of the house, and it was named at this time 'Markland Villa'.

Kelly's directory puts George Lloyd as living in the house from 1875, but HM land Registry seems to suggest that Lloyd purchased it in 1878, a year before he sold it to the next owner Joseph Bithel Leach in 1879.  Perhaps Lloyd rented the house from Thomas Lings (the builder) for a period before buying it.

Goerge Lloyd was a tailor in Liverpool, and the details about him (in Kelly's directory) were given as:

George Lloyd and Co
Tailors and Outfitters
21 Raneleigh Street

Telephone: Royal 2491

The shop was directly opposite Central Station, on the corner of Cases Street - what is now the entrance to Clayton Square shopping mall.  Even after Lloyd left the premisies, the shop was used as some sort of men's outfitters for many years, but more recently (2000) it has been used by a building society.