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Missionary Exhibition
(April 1962)
  John Mockford   John Mockford and Colin Bazely, along with many others, organised a large missionary exhibition called "Open Doors" in April 1962.  Many missionary societies contributed with their stands and guest speakers, amongst those were Harry Sutton the General Secretary of the South American Missionary, and Brian de Saram, the CMS. Africa Secretary at that time.

Church organisations also had 'stands' in the main church hall, displaying things they had worked on prior to the exhibition. I remeber that the Boys' Brigade had created a 3-D model histogram (about 3 feet tall) showing projected population growth to the year 2000.  In the centre of the ceiling was a large spinning globe of the earth. The stands were open for viewing during the day, and special meetings were held in the evening.

The programme is shown in the images below.


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